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For example, if you want to download Advance Wars just Google “download advance wars gba”. Save states is a feature that saves the exact spot you are in any game. You can use this feature manually by going into the File menu or by quick keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard keys in view are the current button configuration. Visual Boy Advance must be placed in a common folder on your computer. I recommend Documents, Downloads, or create a folder on your desktop.

Pokemon Trading Card Game is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated and best GameBoy Color games ever made. Stick Pokemon on the cover of a game with a nice graphic of Pikachu on the start menu, and you’re one to a winner. It wouldn’t be a Tomb Raider game without a crazy storyline, and Curse of the Sword online card games doesn’t disappoint.


The rumble cart won’t vibrate when it’s in the Transfer Pak (you’d think it would take the place of your rumble pak), and it’s really too heavy to hold for long periods. You only need to boot up Perfect Dark once to save the cheats, after that, pull that Transfer Pak out and play normally. Mario Tennis allows you to tranfer data to and from the N64 and Color Game Boy carts. It is just as complete as the interaction seen in Pokemon. Essentially, you can level up your Game Boy character in full 3D on the N64, although you’re not actually playing the Game Boy ROM.

I had a Gameboy Advance, still have my Gameboy SP, and no longer have a DS or DS Lite. With that said, when I did have the original DS and eventually DS Lite, I used the top screen to play my GBA games. It feels more natural that way, considering the SP had you looking at the top and most of the DS games had you looking at the upper screen. The bottom screen usually served as other functions, so it would be awkward to stare at the bottom meanwhile I have this thing hovering right above. This is the handheld that has really started to kick-start the market into producing higher quality products.

  • Gizmo must collect sunglasses and can attack with his super-doozy camera, and Stripe must smash lightbulbs and collect bottles.
  • I still have a handful of original Game Gear cartridges for that 1990 handheld from Sega.
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And all 3 Super Mario Land games on the Game Boy are quite good — but I think Super Mario Land 2 is the one that really stands out. The charging light on the side of the Game Boy will stay lit while the device is charging. It will turn off once it is fully charged.You can play while the Game Boy is charging, but it will charge much slower. You’ll find this along the top edge of the SP while the screen is closed.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

This makes it a fantastic asset for the retro gaming community, especially those who want to play all of the best Pokémon games. If you’re looking for an emulator that will allow you to play through the complete Pokémon games list, then RetroArch is the emulator for you. The Melon DS emulator aims to provide users with a fast and accurate emulation experience, and it doesn’t disappoint. While you can play some of the best Pokémon games on this emulator, it does lack wifi emulation and not all games are available. Still, if you’re looking for quality customization, this is a good emulator to try out.

Using a Gameboy Color Emulator

But I believe it is the right thing for us at this point of time. It’s been a long and beautiful journey with many ups and downs. When I started EmuParadise things could have gone either way. But right now the direction they are going in could not be more than clear. It enables the Gamepad’s sensor bar by default, so there’s no need to install the original sensor bar.

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